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An essential artifact for company team building

The company organizes employees for team building. The location of the group building is a relatively remote mountain forest.

They need to camp for a day and a night in this forest. Due to the lack of basic facilities in the mountains and forests, the things

that can be brought are also very limited, so everyone is very economical when using them. But when the savings are exhausted,

the generator and charging treasure are all in a state of no power. Not to mention mobile phones, even the lighting equipment

can't work. This night, everyone had a very torment~

If they had an e-circuit power supply with them at the time, there would have been no power outages and no lighting.

The large-capacity e-channel outdoor power supply can easily meet the needs of temporary electricity consumption, catch up with

all your anxiety, and illuminate your every dark night. 

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There is so much emphasis on choosing an emergency power supply?

How difficult it is to choose an outdoor emergency power supply with good quality and excellent functions. Today,

I will share with you a few points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a power supply!


Take elutong's products as an example 

️. Rechargeable vehicles!

It can start gasoline cars below 5.0L and diesel cars below 3.0L. There are many applicable models, in addition to cars,

motorcycles can also be used

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