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Hot summer, the most suitable AHIC ice cooler box

In the hot summer, do you want to go to fishing, camping, the seaside, together with your family and friends, drink cold drinks, eat cold watermelon, fruit, and come back with a load of fresh seafood just pulled from the sea?

These are so easy for our AHIC rotomolded ice cooler box! Our company, Heshan Aohong Industry Co., Ltd is specialized in the production of roto molded ice cooler boxes, invested by Australian overseas Chinese, located in the beautiful hometown of overseas Chinese: jiangmen city, guangdong province.

Food grade LLDPE raw materials, uv protection, appearance design patent, roto- molding integrated molding technology, strong and durable, can bear the weight of 1 ton of small trucks, thrown from the fourth floor, still intact.You can choose different series according to the time you want to keep cold:

AHIC 12L round ice bucket: 1 day, fit for lunch, day round trip
AHIC 15L, 25L, 35L, 45L, 65L, 85L cooler box: ice three days, suitable for two days and two nights
AHIC RH20L RH25L, RH35L RH45L, RH65L cooler box: ice 5 days, for four days and three nights
AHIC DL35L, DL120L with wheels and drawbars: take a trip with wheels and drawbars, and drag like a suitcase, you can go wherever you want.
Are you ready?

Hot summer, the most suitable AHIC ice cooler box(图1)

Hot summer, the most suitable AHIC ice cooler box(图2)


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